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Targeted Red Light Therapy Device

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Empower your body to heal itself with the FlexBEAM

A powerful, portable, and targeted red light therapy device that stimulates the body’s natural self-healing processes. Our scientifically developed presets allow the choice of red light, infrared light or a combination of both. The FlexBEAM’s compact and ergonomic shape is designed for ease of use anytime, anywhere.

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Included with every FlexBEAM purchase:

  • Power adapter
  • Protective travel sleeve
  • Mini band, body band, duo band
  • 48-page personal guide book on the science behind red light therapy and how to use your FlexBEAM

Wavelength: 2 infrared and 1 red LED in each light pod  (6 x 810-850nm, 3 x 625-635nm).

Max. Optical Power Density: 100mW/cm2 IR, 60mW/cm2 red.

Treatment Programs: 3 presets with automatic shutdown at the end of each 10 minute program.

Penetration Depth: 0-2.5cm red LED’s, 0-10cm NIR LED’s.

Active Cooling: Built-in fan system to regulate temperature from high-power bulbs.

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, lasts 9-16* sessions on a single charge.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with your FlexBEAM, please contact our support team, and we will help you. If you find it’s not working for you, we will issue a return and full refund.

2 Year Manufacturer Warranty:  Every Purchase of our premium quality devices comes with a two-year limited warranty.

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USA, UK, Australia, NZ , all EU and EEA countries, Serbia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

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What FlexBeam Users Say

How FlexBeam Compares


$499 USD

Up to $2000 USD

Consistent Dose of Light

Multi-Angular, Targeted Treatment

Battery Powered

Sophisticated Treatment Protocol

Completely Portable

Watch Now

Recharge introduces the inspired story of the FlexBEAM in this 2 minute film.

Developed by Experts

Devised and tested by Neuroscientists and clinical professionals

Synergistic Wavelengths

Sweeping near-infrared light (810-840nm) mixed with red (625-635nm)

Easy-To-Use Presets

Programmed to use for a wide variety of conditions

No Side Effects

Safe, effective, non-invasive, and non-toxic

Learn More About How It Works

Every FlexBEAM comes with a 48-page book on the science of how it all works in your body.